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AWS Security Reviews


AWS Security Reviews

At Refactor Security, we specialize in assessing and fortifying the security posture of your AWS environment. With the growing complexities of cloud configurations, our experts ensure your AWS infrastructure implements robust security controls, aligned with best practices and compliance standards.

What you will get :

Security Measures

Our Approach

Reduce the risk of a breach

Harness our AWS security expertise to ensure your cloud environment implements robust security measures to protect against attackers.


Configuration Review

Utilizing AWS-native and third-party tools to identify any weaknesses introduced by misconfigurations in AWS services used in your environment.


Security Architecture Review

Ensure that the built-in security features provided by AWS are being leveraged to protect your environment.


Continuous Monitoring & Alerts

Review your logging and alerting capabilities to ensure that you are ready to respond to attacks and investigate incidents.


Detailed AWS Security Report

Our in-depth report provides a comprehensive view of your AWS security posture, coupled with actionable recommendations for risk mitigation.


Application Testing

DAST (Dynamic Application Security Testing)
SAST (Static Application Security Testing)
Coverage Beyond OWASP Top 10
Web, Mobile, API
Continuous, Full Development Support
CI/CD Integration
Defect Tracking

Let's Work Together

Partner with us to fortify your digital frontiers and elevate your cybersecurity posture.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Throughout our frequently asked questions, we want to help and provide you with the service that is right for you.