Case Study

Fortifying Health Tech: Continuous Penetration Testing for Secure Telemedicine Services


Our collaboration involved aiding a health tech company in conducting continuous penetration testing on their web and mobile applications, an initiative aimed at proactively identifying vulnerabilities before they could impact production systems.

Client Background

The client operated within the health tech sector, offering telemedicine services through both web and mobile applications.

Challenges Faced

  • Handling Sensitive Health Information: Their platform managed critical personal health information (PHI), necessitating stringent security measures to avert potential data breaches.
  • Also, as a new product, they needed rapid turnaround on security reviews, to enable a quick release cycle.

The Solution

We engaged in a comprehensive approach, collaborating closely with their development teams to seamlessly integrate security practices into their software release cycles.

Key Actions Taken

  • Integrated Security Testing into Release Cycles: We actively participated in security testing for new features and releases, ensuring that security assessments were ingrained within the development lifecycle. 
  • Platform-wide Code Review: A meticulous review of source code changes across various platforms—web, iOS, and Android—was conducted to identify vulnerabilities at their roots.


  • Preventing Information Leakage: Our continuous penetration testing efforts led to the identification of several critical and high-severity vulnerabilities, effectively mitigating the risk of potential information leaks and breaches. 
  • Empowering Development Teams: We provided actionable recommendations to their development teams, enabling them to address identified vulnerabilities promptly and effectively.
  • Accelerated Testing Processes: Through close collaboration with the client, our partnership facilitated a faster turnaround in their internal testing and review procedures, streamlining the security validation processes for their applications.


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