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Web Application Security Testing

At Refactor Security, we delve deep into web applications to identify vulnerabilities, combining manual penetration testing with thorough source code reviews, all while collaborating seamlessly with your development teams.

Included services:

Reduce the risk of a breach

Harness our web application security expertise to proactively address vulnerabilities and secure your digital assets against potential breaches.


Thorough Assessment

Dive into the intricate layers of your web applications, identifying vulnerabilities that might be exploited.


Contextual Analysis

Evaluate potential threats based on your specific business context and application use cases.


Detailed application security report

Our detailed application security report provides a comprehensive breakdown of each vulnerability, paired with actionable remediation steps, empowering your team to fortify your application efficiently.


Application Testing

DAST (Dynamic Application Security Testing)
SAST (Static Application Security Testing)
Coverage Beyond OWASP Top 10
Web, Mobile, API
Continuous, Full Development Support
CI/CD Integration
Defect Tracking

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